Figlia del vento, piccolo cuore
appena nata ti vogliono morta.
Occhi di luce, mani piccine
uscirai salva da quella porta.

Maddalena’s is a sensual and violent tale in which white and black magic intertwine with popular events connected to the roots of Ticino: it is in fact inspired by the ancient legend of a necromancer and his young and beautiful nemesis.

Set in the mid-seventeenth century between the Duchy of Milan and the Swiss lands south of the Alps, it is an opera composed by Thomas Trachsel on a subject by Carlo Silini, author of the best-selling novels Il ladro di ragazze e Latte e sangue.

Maddalena is the first opera composed for wind orchestra only, and aims to be an artistic proposal intended to enhance the region of Ticino and its contemporary artists, while at the same time creating a bridge with tradition.

Worldwide première

Lugano, Palazzo dei Congressi
3/4/5 november 2023

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Maddalena Opera Project
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by the Associazione Maddalena

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